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Congratulations to the 2013 Best of the Fest Winners: "Dream a Little Dream" and "Wiener Dog Worries."


"Dream a Little Dream" won Best of the Fest for Friday's show. The play was written by James Grob of Iowa. It was directed by Maggie Maes and starred Cindy Olson, Amy Scruggs, Carol Rath and Noelle Lawton.

Click here for Friday's program


"Wiener Dog Worries" won Best of the Fest for Thursday's Minnesota show. The play was written by Ruth Furan of Mankato. It was directed by Molly Smith. It starred Lolly Foy, Molly Vouk and Leslie Dupree-Cady.

Click here for Thursday's program

Our 16 finalists for 2013:

National winners -
"Dream a Little Dream" by James Grob of Bloomfield, IA; 
"A Long Trip" by Dan McGeehan of Tulsa, OK; 
"The Button Pushers" by Ruben Carbajal of Jersey City, NJ; 
"All's Fair in Love and Science" by CJ Erhlich of Chappaqua, NY;
"Seldom is Heard" by Mary Steelsmith of Los Angeles, CA; 
"Kung-Foolery" by Brett Hursey of Farmville, Va.; 
"Scripted" by Mark Harvey Levine of Pasadena, CA; and 
"You Haven't Changed a Bit" by Donna Hoke of East Amherst, NY (Judges' Choice Award winner).

Minnesota winners -- 
"The Night Light" by Whitney Rowland of Minneapolis;
"On the Home Front" by t.d. barna of Eagle Lake; 
"Wiener Dog Worries" by Ruth Furan of North Mankato; 
"Todd Walker in Japan" by Mitch DeDeyn of Shoreview; 
"Invincible!" by Mary Jost of North Mankato; 
"The Gospel According to Hertha" by Esther Hoffmann of Mankato; 
"ET v Predator" by Adam Sharp of Minneapolis and 
"Driving Herd" by Sam Graber of Minneapolis (Judges' Choice Award winner).

Click here to see an article from the Mankato Free Press on the MN Shorts Play Festival.

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