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Congratulations to Thursday's Best of the Fest winner "Gertie & The Gnome" and Friday's winners (a tie!) "Gayby's Playdate" and "Fighting Mr. Right."


             GERTIE & THE GNOME
STARRING: Lolly Foy as Gertie; Jaci Lageson as Maxine; AND Carter Allen as the Gnome
DIRECTED BY: Meredith Larson
Maxine and Gertie are two longtime friends but Max has had enough of Gertie’s obsession with garden gnomes. Their lives are changed forever when a strange visitor appears in Max’s garden. Why is he there? And an even better question is why won’t he leave?


STARRING: Launa Helder as Melissa;
AND Amy Scruggs as Suri;
DIRECTED BY: Molly Smith
It is Playdate Day for the "Under One’s" at a community activity center. Suri and Melissa, two 10-month-old girls who are strangers to one another, have been assigned to the same playpen. Their discovery of vastly different attitudes, opinions and family lifestyles makes for a comic and sometimes harrowing encounter.


By Barbara Lindsay
STARRING: Rebekah Kreger as Marla; AND DW Surine as Joel DIRECTED BY: Jan Arford

It was a good first date. Terrific even. So why all this fighting

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Watch a sample of some short plays at the 2011 Festival, courtesy of Public Television station KMSQ.

See Mary Jost's play "Gertie and the Gnome", starring Lolly Foy, Jaci Lageson and Carter Allen.

See Greg Abbott's play, "911 News Cycle," starring Tim Berry, Paul Boyer, Deann Schloesser and Bjorn Linder.

See Layla Dowlatshahi's short play, "Please Don't Feed the Bears", directed by Shelley Whitehead and starring Jacqi Gustafson and Terry Foy.

See Mitch DeDyne's short play, "The Teleport Marketer" and Alex Hapka's short play, "Idealator." Both were featured at the 2011 MN Shorts Play Festival and broadcast on KSMQ public television.

See the August episode of "Don't Miss This," the Mankato-area arts show on CCTV.

Click HERE for an article about the 2011 MN Shorts Play Festival in the Mankato Free Press

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