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Congratulations to Sophia Tomany's "A Ticket for my Cat" and Gwydion Suilebhan's "Cracked" for winning the 2010 MN Shorts Best of the Fest prize.

See the 2010 MN Shorts on KSMQ Public Television

Ten of the shows from 2010 were broadcast in April and May of 2011 on KSMQ Public Television as part of the station's Playhouse Off 90 program.
If you can't get KSMQ, see the first episode of five plays below, featuring Dog Day Afternoon, Tammy Flew and the Knights of the Roundish Coroner's Table, A Very Lovely Dress, Suicide by Punchbowl and The Hole Story.

Congratulations to the 2010 MN Shorts winners:
"A Ticket for my Cat" by Sophia Tomany
"A Very Lovely Dress" by D. Richard Tucker
"Tammy Flew" by Greg Abbott
"Influenza" by Bruce Birkemeyer
"Mother's Day" by Debbie Feldman
"The Hole Story" by Kathy Coudle King
"Ring Dem Bells" by Larry Ripp
"Waiting on Godot" by Linton Lewis
"Surprise!" by Mark Harvey Levine
"Dog Day Afternoon" by Claudia Haas
"The Fugly Train" by Duncan Pflaster
"Suicide by Punchbowl" by Whitney Rowland
"Here to Serve You" by Barbara Lindsay
"The Horror of it All" by td barna
"JoAnna" by Mitch DeDeyn
"How to Make a Brain Souffle" by Roy C. Booth
"Circus of Fate" by T. James Belich
"Cracked" by Gwyndion Suilebhan

See the 2010 MN Shorts on KSMQ Public Television

See another 5 episodes, featuring: Ticket for my Cat, Cracked, Fugly Train, Waiting on Godot and Influenza

Click HERE to download the 2010 MN Shorts Thursday Program

Click HERE to download the 2010 MN Shorts Friday Program

Click here to read an article on playwright td barna in the Lake Region Times

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