MN Shorts will be taking submissions for 1-minute plays starting Feb. 1

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The 2016 Best of the Fest winners are:

Aisle Six by Matt Fowler


The Craft by Andrew Biss

The finalist plays were performed by Merely Players 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8 & 9 at Lincoln Community Center in Mankato.

The performances were:

Aisle Six by Matt Fowler (Best of the Fest for Thursday)

Abstain by Greg Abbott

Alice, Pursued by a Bear by Claudia Haas

The Craft by Andrew Biss (Best of the Fest for Friday)

Framed by Brandon Holscher

Goat by Scott Mullen

In the Jar by Mark Harvey Levine

Promises on the Way Down by Lindsy Gibb

Pumps by Brett Hursey

Sid and Ashley by Esther Hoffmann

Run Out of Sky by Leslie Braam

Small Talk by David MacGregor

The Grass is Always Greener Starboard by Jason Toupence

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