MN Shorts will be Thursday, Sept. 7 and 8. Join us!

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Congratulations to Professor Confessions & Encore for winning the BEST OF THE FEST


Written by: Paul Gansen
rofessor Confessions is a comedy that follows a college professor through a semester
of classes that seem to be filled with students with a skewed view of what their education should be. From zany colleagues to dimwitted students who never seem to say his name right, Joe Krompet is pushed to his limits and contemplates some serious issues with collegiate teaching.

STARRING: Jacob Kempfert as Professor Joseph Krompet, David Kelly as Professor Mark Ellis, Emily Kimball as Allison, Dane Christenson as Brad, Alissa Kludkte as Carla AND Rosanna Barker as Angela



Written by Joe Hendren

A group of aging Rock ‘n Roll superstars clash backstage after a show. ENCORE provides a touching and funny glimpse at the crossroads of fame, fortune, family, and friendship.

STARRING: William Studer as Kit, Kate Kennedy as Rachel, Dave Worley as Frankie, and Ty Mabley as Maxx.

The 2009 Winners Are:
Pushing the Envelope (Friday) plays:
"Encore" by Joe Hendren of Spring Lake Park
"The Proper Steps to Crying" by J. Alexander Cole
"Puppy Loathe" by Brendan Etter
"The Greatest Story Ever Edited" by Greg Abbott
"Leaving Shore" by Debbie Feldman
"Nothing Happened" by Scott Dixon
"The Visitor" by Bob Thomas
"The Call" by Elizabeth Traxler
"Patrick" by Taylor Evan Johnson
All-Ages (Saturday) plays:
"Professor Confessions" by Paul Gansen
"Men on a Wire" by Jacob Kempfert
"Maybe Next Time" by Mary Jost
"PC Street" by Greg Abbott
"A Bug in Your Ear" by Maureen Berg
"Detective Zulu" by Arlo Cristofaro-Hark

Click HERE to download the 2009 Pushing the Envelope Program

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2009 MN Shorts Festival

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