MN Shorts will be Thursday, Sept. 7 and 8. Join us!

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Your donations will be used to fund the Best of the Fest award -- giving $100 each night to the best short play in the festival. Donate any amount and help support local theatre and ORIGINAL plays.


The Minnesota Shorts Play Festival will be 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 7 and repeated 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8 at Lincoln Community Theater, 110 Fulton St., Mankato.

The Red Trinity
Written by Tom Barna, Eagle Lake, MN
Summary: Three beings on high set about making universal decisions without an ounce of empathy.

Written by Destyni Gessner, Mankato, MN
Summary: Don’t you hate when someone borrows your favorite pen without returning it?

Grounds to Sue
Written by Ruth Furan, Preston, MN
Summary: Coffee didn't used to be something that called for making 817 decisions.

Ricky and Ready
Written by Colleen O’Doherty, Chicago, IL
Summary: A mother struggles with the truth of her daughter’s health, but first she is going to find some answers from the public library.

Written by Lisa Dellagiarino, Chicago, IL
Summary: Two thieves attempt a heist of the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian National Museum. What could go wrong? How about everything.

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror
Written by Pamela Morgan, Normal, IL
Summary: Sometimes, it's hard to see the real you and how amazing you really are!

1-Minute Plays About Laundry
Written by Kristin Bayer, West Bend, WI
Summary: When your child moves out on his own, you start to miss even the simple things.

Dirty Laundry
Written by Matthew David, Duluth, MN
Summary: Dirty laundry gets aired a month before the wedding -- or should we say the "planned" wedding.

Thinking of Elephants
Written by Craig McNamara, Minneapolis, MN
Summary: A chance encounter leads to an uncomfortable conversation on an unmentionable subject.

Life Socks
Written by Julie Brandon, Downers Grove, IL
Summary: Where DO all those lost socks at the laundromat end up?


Our Mission
The goal of Minnesota Shorts is to bring short play festivals to Minnesota and make theater accessible to a wider audience. All plays are 10 minutes or less.

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  Daytime phone: 507-934-8133

Evening Phone: 507-420-1881