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Thank you to all who attended the 2015 MN Shorts Play Festival. Submissions open Jan. 1 for 2016!

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The list of winners are:

At What Price by Cheryl Navo

Last Words by Philip J. Kaplan

Alban's Garden by Rich Espey

The Prodigal Cow by Mark Harvey Levine

Jars by Brittany Kay Taylor (judge's choice for national)

Interview with a Cat by Jim Geoghan

Knit One, Drop One by Francine Paulsen

Minnesota winners are:

Fire Cupid! by Matt David

Catnipped by Nissa Nordland (judge's choice for state)

The Grass is Always Greener by Tom David Barna

The Copy by Alyssa Brooke

Jury Duty by Janet Barnes

Good Corporate Citizen by Sam Graber

Food For Thought by Ruth Furan

If any questions, contact our coordinator at 507-420-1881 or email

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Congratulations to Friday's 2014 Best of the Fest winner - "Girls Nowadays" by Esther Hoffmann


Congratulations to Thursday's 2014 Best of the Fest winner "Cat People" by Jaap Kemp


Our Mission
The goal of Minnesota Shorts is to bring short play festivals to Minnesota and make theater accessible to a wider audience. All plays are 15 minutes or less.

If you have any questions regarding the festival send it to:

If Questions, call:

  Daytime phone: 507-934-8133

Evening Phone: 507-420-1881