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Join us for the 2018 MN Shorts Play Festival's 10th Anniversary Show

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Join us for our 10th Anniversary MN Shorts Play Festival show Sept. 6-7, 2018, where we will feature 14 of the best short plays from our first nine years.

The winners are:

Fighting Mr. Right by Barbara Lindsay

A Very Lovely Dress by D. Richard Tucker

The Craft by Andrew Biss

Cat People by Jacob Kempfert

The Full Washington by Amy Hanson and Michael Johnson

Last Words by Philip Kaplan

The Button Pushers by Ruben Carbajal

Merry Frugal Christmas by Greg Abbott

Encore by Joseph Hendren

The Pit of Destruction by D.W. Surine

The Third Horseman by Ross Peter Nelson

Suicide by Punchbowl by Whitney Rowland

Dream a Little Dream by James Grob

The Prodigal Cow by Mark Harvey Levine

For the big 10th anniversary show, it will be 7:30 p.m. at Mankato West Theater in Mankato.


Our Mission
The goal of Minnesota Shorts is to bring short play festivals to Minnesota and make theater accessible to a wider audience. All plays are 10 minutes or less.

If you have any questions regarding the festival send it to:

If Questions, call:

  Daytime phone: 507-934-8133

Evening Phone: 507-420-1881