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Thank you for your submissions! MN Shorts will perform up to 14 short plays Sept. 7-8

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Thank you to playwrights who have submitted to MN Shorts Play Festival's Ninth Annual performance. We received 407 submissions from writers outside of Minnesota and another 70 scripts from Minnesota writers. Though our window is closed, check out other opportunities at

A total of 14 short plays will be chosen -- 7 from national writers and 7 from Minnesota writers.

The performance will be Sept. 7 and 8 at the Lincoln Community Center in Mankato, MN. Semi-finalists will be named in May, with finalists chosen in June.

Each night, the audience will pick a Best of the Fest winner from the seven plays performed. The writer of the winning play will receive a check for $100.

OUR 77 National Semi-finalists are:

Just Desserts
Therapy Dog
The Adventures of Sarcastic Man
Riding Lessons
Alexis, A Lexus
The Charmed Life
This Year's Model
Location, Location, Location
Summer Solstice
Buck Fanshaw's Funeral
Do or Die
Night Divers
Jack and Jill Go Up the Hill
Moving On
Our Species is Screwed
Special Delivery
Cabfare for the Common Man
Santa Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Free Hugs
The Case of the Missing Know it All
The Cookie Jar
Imported or Domestic
Character Assassination
The Rope
Ashley Saves the World
Cold Water
The Full Washington
Three Sides
Private Rituals
Under the Bed
How’s Your Day Going
The Off Chance
Lean in with Liz
In Full Bloom
A Cold Day in
Just That Sort of Day
Goodbye Emma
The Dancing Lessons
Affair on the 74th
Put on a Grumpy Face
Valentine's Day
A Flawed Character
His Play
It Was a Tuesday
The Unexpected
When Babies Fly
The Women's Follow Your Dream Club
Your Turn to Watch Dad
Three Judy Garlands
Mr. Snuggie
Miles of Homemade Candy
What Goes Up
Planned Parenthood
Gullen, Kansas
The Bar Mitzvah of Jesus Goldfarb
Lust, Greed and Murder
Bowl of Trouble
The Test Results
The Next Table
Ten Minutes
D.S. al fine
Kill Me, Please

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Our Mission
The goal of Minnesota Shorts is to bring short play festivals to Minnesota and make theater accessible to a wider audience. All plays are 10 minutes or less.

If you have any questions regarding the festival send it to:

If Questions, call:

  Daytime phone: 507-934-8133

Evening Phone: 507-420-1881