No MN Shorts in-person festival, but plays WILL be shown on KTV, the Web

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Your donations will be used to fund the Best of the Fest award -- giving $100 each night to the best short play in the festival. Donate any amount and help support local theatre and ORIGINAL plays.


The Minnesota Shorts Play Festival will not have a live performance this year because of the pandemic.

We value our audience and actors, and do not want to put them at risk of contracting the virus during an indoor performance.

But, the Shorts WILL go on. Merely Players chose six short scripts with 2-person casts and will be filming them at the KTV studio for broadcast to the public during September. We will feature four one-minute plays with 2-people casts for the festival. So stay tuned.

The short scripts this year will be:

The Deal by Mike McGeever

3 Bad Dates and a Proposal by Lindsy Gibb

Hypothetically Speaking by Brian Sutton

Stranger Danger by William Sikorski

and Hotel Rewards by Stephen Murray

Our one-minute plays are:
On a Train by Mark Harvey Levine

It's Special by Claudia Haas

The Birthday Wish by James Leinen

and Clue by JJ McConnell

For those short plays with more than 2 people in the cast, we will be (hopefully) performing them at the 2021 festival live!

So despite COVID-19, you can still get into some Minnesota Shorts!


Our Mission
The goal of Minnesota Shorts is to bring short play festivals to Minnesota and make theater accessible to a wider audience. All plays are 10 minutes or less.

If you have any questions regarding the festival send it to:

If Questions, call:

  Daytime phone: 507-934-8133

Evening Phone: 507-420-1881